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Life Coaching...
When you engage in coaching sessions, it is a commitment for a journey and not normally a one off quick fix.

You will normally need a course of sessions, but this will depend on your pesonal needs and goals.

The first session sets the initial topics and areas for focus and allows me get to know you and your thought processes more deeply, and for you to understand how I work and what approach I take.

For those with a small focused set of issues at least two coaching working sessions are required to allow for feedback and discussion relating to progress and which techniques work for you and where they can be varied.

A final closing session needs to take place to cement the learning and agree the self development plan for you to continue with.

Obviously the more numerous or complex the issues for focus are, the more working sessions will be needed.

Please complete the initial assessment online HERE or download and fill in the 'CLIENT DISCOVERY' form before your first session.
The first session can be up to 2 hours long and will set the scene for the working sessions and what the optimum duration will be for them, however they will never be for more than 3 hours each.

Below is a profile for a typical first (Discovery) session of 2 hours:

  • Introductions at high level. We find out about you a little later. (10 minutes)
  • Define and agree your schedule and initial objectives (20 minutes)
  • Enquiry and agreement on focus areas with a view to identify desired outcomes (30 minutes)
  • Discover YOU and some techniques to use. (45 minutes)
  • Brief review of your session and actions for you to take away for next session. (15 minutes)


During the initial 1-2 hour ‘Discovery’ session we will determine a draft schedule to agree on how many sessions are desired/required.

Each ‘Working’ session is 1 hour long (extension may be possible on discussion)

The ‘Closing’ session is 2 hours long

  • Rates are tailored to your requirements, so contact me to find out more as I have concession rates available.
  • Reasonable travel expenses will be charged in the case of locations in excess of 10 miles from London (Westminster).

A free 30 minute ‘Introduction’ session is available on request (subject to availability), which would explore your situation and discuss how I could help and also create an initial draft schedule of course sessions.

Telephone, WhatsApp, Webex, Zoom or Skype sessions are also available on request.

Leadership Coaching...
According to Robert K Greenleaf, a servant leader was someone who was a servant first, with a natural inclination to serving others. In his essay on Servant Leadership he stated: “It begins with the natural feeling that one wants to serve, to serve first. Then conscious choice brings one to aspire to lead. That person is sharply different from one who is leader first, perhaps because of the need to assuage an unusual power drive or to acquire material possessions.”

Having spent time with leaders and senior managers of numerous global companies, working with them to embed behavioural changes in this direction, the focus is typically on how to help senior management transform to become Servant Leaders rather than traditional power focused managers, especially when a shift towards Agile and DevOps ways of working are involved.

This service is available as a support for HR services on an ongoing basis, as sessions on behavioural patterns and transformations towards the Servant Leadership behavioural style, or as one-off presentations in Leadership Team away-days, conferences or retreats.

Contact me for a discussion of your requirements and a specific quote per group session or per head/hr.

Telephone, WhatsApp, Webex, Zoom or Skype sessions are also possible on request.
Reiki Healing Sessions...
As an attuned Reiki Master Teacher, I provide cleansing and emotional healing services under the Usui Reiki System.

Each session lasts approximately 60 minutes but note the first session will be 75 minutes in length, as 15 minutes are dedicated at the beginning to discussing what you are looking to achieve from the Reiki Healing.


  • Standard in-person Reiki session - £75 (60 minutes)
  • Initial extended Standard in-person Reiki session - £75 (75 Minutes)
  • Distance Healings - £30
  • Remote Healings - £60 (40 - 45 minutes)
  • Bespoke sessions are available on request.

Please contact me to discuss further.
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