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02 Mar 2021
I have done some therapy sessions with Laurence for 6 weeks. I originally reached out to him to help me around specific difficulties in my life. We ended up covering different topics and reflections around those has helped tremendously with the issues I was facing and my life in general. Laurence is not forcing anything or telling you what to do - he brings you to say things that you know already. He also has great recommendations when it comes to relaxation and focus techniques. You leave the therapy with a set of tools and plan that is really reassuring.
David S.
22 Sep 2020
Having struggled with a number of issues, all contributing to my inability to focus on my work and leading to financial issues as a result, I found Laurence through the Life Coach Directory, and from the very first session, he helped me make sense of the chaos and understand more about why I thought and reacted the way I did.

He gave me a number of techniques to manage my life better, and I found both having the tools, and the comfort of having his experience and advice to draw on, made a huge difference. The experience really changed my life for the better. I still have some issues to deal with, but they no longer scare me, as I have the tools and a plan to address them.
Baljit Virdee
15 Sep 2020
I have known Laurence for over 3 years & met him at work where he was coaching senior execs in a well know multinational corporate

I have suffered with anxiety, low self esteem , depression & mental health over the last 30 years I turned to him for advice when I was struggling with work/home pressures

He is thoroughly professional, kind , empathetic & someone I totally trust. Through his support & guidance he has helped me with techniques & understanding the mind to overcome my self esteem & self worth & tools to support my mental
health .

Lawrence has a natural ability to understand, empathise & Truly gets it, as talks from his own personal experience in the mental health & well being space . I can’t recommend him highly enough. Thank you Me L
15 Sep 2020
I had an amazing Reiki experience with Laurence - I was at the hospital, treated for cancer, for most of the length of the treatment that was done remotely. After each session, I felt extremely relaxed and at peace. I could truly feel something powerful was happening in my body. Laurence is very thoughtful, kind and made me feel comfortable right away. He shared with me many advices thanks to his experience and knowledge on a lot of well-being topics. I'll forever be grateful that I crossed Laurence's path.
02 Sep 2020
Great service. Empathic and caring.
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