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Award Winning Executive & Corporate Proactive Mental Health Education and Coaching is provided through our Sister Organisation NCG:Corporate -

NCG:Corporate Mission: to help clients and their employees achieve their productivity and performance goals by Coaching Minds for optimum efficiency, and educating on how our brains work, how to protect them, and how to make them more resilient against stress and burnout.

Founded in 2013, the NCG:Corporate continues to provide Mind Performance Coaching and Proactive Mental Health Coaching Workshops and Online Training to Executives and businesses as well as wellness optimisation workshops and assessments, to companies large and small.

We apply Mind Performance Coaches, behavioural therapists and Certified Corporate Mental Health Facilitators and Wellness Coaches, with over 30 years of corporate environment experience garnered from working with some of the worlds largest organisations, to deliver tangible benefits to clients globally.

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