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Published by Laurence in Tools · 29 September 2020
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I have found on my travels over the last 30+ years, that for every culture and people I have been privileged to get to know, the concept of 'The Law of Attraction' is present in one form or another as a Universal principle or belief.

I have in the past been a sceptic, critic and challenger to the concept, but the more I explored the proposition, and listened to the heartfelt stories of people who believed their lives had been changed by the power of this principle, I found I could not dismiss it so easily.

It was when I started writing my autobiography, which became my first novel (see my blog 'Discover YOU through Writing') that I noticed too many parallels to the periods of change in my life and the depths of the emotional energies for those changes I desperately wanted, needed even, for it to be altogether coincidence, which I don't believe in incidentally.

I began collecting accounts from people I met around the world, of such beliefs and manifestations of changes and even material items they desperately needed and even just passionately wanted, and found myself mentally linking their stories back to my own examples of achievements I had experienced, and precious items I had obtained after having similar strengths of feelings and emotions toward them.

In amongst all the information I had gathered, the concept of a 'Vision Board' kept surfacing as a mechanism common to many of the experiences, and I realised that this would be a great tool for maintaining focus on those things we wanted to obtain or achieve, but knew it would not be as simple as just putting words or images on a board. There would be something more.

It was through my practice of Reiki that the answer came to me, as I focused not just on connecting with the Reiki Energy, but on the wholehearted passionate belief of knowing the reality of this power and the real feelings of it flowing. It is when you can actually 'feel' what it is like to already have what you need or desire, that the attraction becomes a reality. It is not enough to want it and look at the words or images. You have to experience the feelings of already having them.

One story out of all the others jumped out from my memory, of a young woman who was a single mother in Indonesia, who had showed me once her home which was in a poor part of her city and little more than a concrete cube on the outside, but she had collected images of proper beds, sofa's and cushions in nice fabrics, basic kitchen equipment that we all take for granted, and had placed them on her existing furniture around the two small rooms, and had even put a picture from a magazine of a small garden on one of her windows, which was the one which brought the biggest smile to her face when she spoke about her 'sitting in that garden and playing with her children'. As I spoke to her about staying positive and believing in herself, so evident was the feeling of her already having these things, that it was easy to forget that she didn't have them, every now and again.

The reason it had emerged from memory was that I had met up with that little family a few years later as I was walking through a shopping area not far from where I had stayed before and had bumped into her out shopping with her children, and remembered being taken aback a bit by her joy at seeing me, and her insistence that I come and see her new home.

As we walked for a few minutes talking about the few years that had passed, her face lit up as we came to a small single storey brick house with a small but well kept front garden, and I noticed small tears at the corners of her eyes as she opened the gate and swept her hand over the place, saying "Selamat datang di rumahku" (Welcome to my Home).

I couldn't help seeing the huge similarity to the image of that garden stuck on her window in the old place to the little front garden I could see there.

As we spoke over one of her 'famous' iced lemon teas I remembered from our first meeting, it was clear she had maintained an almost maniacal determination and belief in 'knowing' she would have a better place, THAT better place, for her and her children to grow in. She recounted how "things just happened" occasionally, with a new job coming unexpectedly, which had led to some help in getting the house she was now in, and her children into a good school in this better area.

Don't get me wrong, the place was still spartan and simple by many standards, but it was clearly the 'palace' she had passionately envisioned but more importantly felt she had already when we first met.

I spent a very happy few hours, sharing a simple meal with them that day, and listening to her and her children speak about their lives, and left them with huge hugs (and a few biscuits the children had made at school) and a light heart. I remember smiling most of the way back to my hotel at the image of all the new images stuck around the new place of her next step on her journey, never once doubting they would happen.

For many years I have had my own Vision Board, and whilst some are still to materialise, many have done, and those tend to be the ones I feel the strongest about and can actually feel what is is like to have made the changes or obtained the objects already. I passionately believe they will come, but some can take longer than others. The important thing is to truly believe and to truly feel what it will be like to already have them.

I recommend you try it yourselves. I suspect extreme desires are more difficult, mostly because it would be almost impossible to truly know and feel what it is like to already have them, but who knows. You have nothing to lose, after all.

I'd love to hear of any stories you may have, so please write to me through this website, or on Facebook, and I will add them to my collection. I might even write a book about them one day.

Stay safe.

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