How to use Brain Training Apps for lasting benefits

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How to use Brain Training Apps for lasting benefits

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Published by Laurence in Training · 28 April 2021
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Brain Training Apps: ‘The Real Deal or the new Snake Oil?’ and ‘How to use them successfully’
For anyone who has been on my Proactive Executive Corporate Mental Health Training course, they will know I mention using ‘brain training’ apps as part of the approach to optimising brain performance around attention, selective attention and impulse control, and even mention one specifically because of its ability to adapt to the user’s performance.

Firstly, no. I am not altering my opinion nor my recommendations around using them, but I am going to provide a bit more guidance in relation to what they can achieve, why they are useful and when to use them.

What has prompted me to write about this, is the ever-increasing number of such apps available which promise all sorts of long-term benefits and ‘miracles’ of longevity of brain performance, for a short-term use in earlier life, which is definitely not the case....

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